Elite Sweets Company Background

, (i let' a-) 1. [ also used with pl ] the group or part of a group selected or regarded as the finest, best, most distinguished, etc.

Elite Sweets began its operations in 1990 as a partnership of two friends guided by the shared vision that this company's name was also its mission statement.

Using traditional values to select authentic products, the company started by importing semi-finished pastries from Italy , for distribution to the bakery industry throughout Ontario .

As awareness of the superior quality of our products grew, constant requests for more items of similar exceptional quality lead to both the expansion of our imported lines and the move into manufacturing products locally began in 1993.

The successful launch of our Elite Sweets Retail Tiramisu in 1995 lead to the rapid growth of our brand as we began supplying most major chains across Canada with our authentic version of this popular dessert.

Currently the largest manufacturer of Tiramisu in Canada , Elite Sweets is constantly seeking new ways to serve the market with innovative products such as our unique line of individual portion cup desserts.

Today our range of desserts has expanded to include Eclairs, Biscotti, Cakes, Mini Pastries and an assortment of Cheesecakes along with several new and exciting products currently in development. In addition, our internal R&D department has developed Branded products under the Cadbury name. Our manufacturing facility's HACCP approval and using only ingredients of the highest quality ensure we deliver the best product possible.

Our continuing commitment to importing and producing products of exceptional quality has resulted in over 15 years of sustained growth in the Canadian market and is the driving force behind our rapid expansion into the American market.

Whether for retail or food service applications, branded or private label use, our products can give your operation the ‘quality advantage' you need in today's competitive marketplace.

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